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Browser Cookie Test

To see if the computer you are using has the browser

set to accept cookies, click on the link below

Perform cookie test

What are cookies and why do they exist?   Why do many people turn them off?
When your computer completes a request for a web page, the connection goes away. When you go to the next web page, even if you are on the same website, you are not recognized as the same person.
One solution to this identity problem is to put a small file on your hard drive that uniquely identifies you. This tiny harmless file is called a cookie.
In the course of delivering the web page to your browser, a third party, unknown to you, may place or recognize a unique cookie on your computer.
This may be used to track your movements and habits as you move around the Internet.
That would be a serious and sureptitious invasion of your privacy!!!
Some browsers allow you to turn off third party cookies and we recommend that you do this.
NOVALynx offers a safe and elegant alternative to cookies!