General Arts Management Groups

You can see a number of well known groups in this photograph: Spring Thaw, Danny Grossman Dance Company, Orford Quartet, GAMI staff, Moe Koffman Jazz Quintet, Toronto Dance Theatre and The Royal Canadian Air Farce. (Always excluded from photographs, I decided to paste my own picture just above the GAMI logo.)

Unless you have a very large screen, you will need to scoll to the right to see all of the picture.

My son Colin was with me for this occassion and he pushed the button on the flash units as I tested the illumination for each group with a flash exposure meter. Original photograph taken with a Super-Wide Hasselbald camera. The copy was made with my new FujuFilm FinePix F30 compact camera on a tripod. I also photographed the poster with my much more expensive Olympus digital camera (also on a tripod) and the image from the F30 was definitely sharper with more detail.

(From several large boxes containing photographs I have had published or printed over the years I retrieved the poster below. It was 28 inches (71 cm.) wide and it was folded a number of times, crumpled and in a rather poor condition in one of the boxes. Thanks Photoshop.)


General Arts Management Groups

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