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   Samples (single pictures:click on thumbnail to see a larger image)  
     The Arts
          Georg Tintner conducting the National Youth Orchestra of Canada
        Ice storm in Hockley ValleyStarburst, frost pattern on window in winterAlison and Colin, ages 3 and 2, with paint
     Published work
        Philosopy of Music, cover photograph by Arnold Matthews         Music Magazine (cover photograph by Arnold Matthews) Theatre brochure (photographs by Arnold Matthews)Joyce Weiland - Artist of Fire (back cover and interior photographs by Arnold Matthews)
     Image enhancement
        1930's family reunion restoration    Circus performer background improvement    Underexposed negative restoration    Changing faces to suit needs
    Cliff Street heating and cooling plant for Parliament Buildings and Supreme Court         
     Arnold as photographer
        Arnold with his 8" x 10" Sinar view camera

          Arnold back in the 1980's with his 8x10 Sinar view camera
         (An 8" x 10" film gives about 320 megapixels of picture!!)

          (daughter Alison in the background)