Alison, Natalia and Colin, Christmas in Toronto

My daughter Alison, Natalia and my son Colin at Christmas. Colin is holding a Danish nisse (old Nordic elf-like creature), made by our Danish friend, Hanne Lerdorf.

Photographed in extremely low light using 3000 iso Kodak Tmax Film and Rangefinder Leica with f:1.0 Noctilux lens. Digital cameras seem to be catching up to this high sensitivity to light. The Fujifil Finepix F30 (my new camera) goes up to 3200 iso with full resolution and has the advantage of not having "golf ball size grain" with such a high iso value. However, the maximum aperture of only f:2.8 is two stops less that the F:1 of the Noctilux lens.


Alison, Natalia, Colin and Danish nisse

© Arnold Matthews