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Photographs: People

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Couple in downtown Toronto
Photographer in Ramsden Park, Toronto
Arnold's parents, Gerald and Catherine (or Kertu)
Dr. Robinson in family room, St. Catharines
Maeve Kuchemann on her wedding day
Student with camera
Brenda on her horse
Brenda with her Arabian babies
Alison and Colin and finger paint
Julia (Alison and Colin's mom)
Alison, Natalia, Colin and Danish nisse
Young woman in a restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden
Actor Toria Fuller
Students doing optics experiment in physics class
James Gibson, historian and scholar
Alison Douglas, teacher of English
Sisters in store
Barb Burt - mathematics student
Students in stands
Dinner at home - Lise and Gary Cralle
Lisa, Grant and guard, London England
Physics student
Alison and cat
Children playing in leaves