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arnold matthews, president
Lise Christoffersen, Director Sales and Marketing
Arnold Matthews
Arnold Matthews holds an Honours B.A. in physics and mathematics (medal in physics) and an M.Sc. in physics from Queen's University, Canada. He also holds a specialist teaching certificate in physics and mathematics.
After doing research in upper atmospheric physics for two years, he received a handsome National Research Council Fellowship for doctoral work and acceptance at Queen's to pursue that degree. However, a week before heading back to school he decided that he had had enough of being a student, wanted to work with young people, and so lept into teaching physics and mathematics.
After 15 years of teaching in Ottawa, London England (where he studied Nuffield Foundation physics and baroque music) and Toronto, he turned his part-time passion into a full time profession and became a freelance photographer for eight years, working in the arts (music, theatre and dance) in Toronto.
He began experimenting with computers in 1980 and by 1984 was an independent computer consultant specializing in the development of database applications as well as teaching programming courses at University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies.
He now works almost exclusively with Internet applications that incorporate real-time databases. Now that digital photography has blossomed, he is also returning to photography (minus the traditional darkroom dungeon of a few decades ago).
  Photographic processing and manipulation left the darkroom and moved to the computer a number of years ago. After a February 2002 photo assignment he said goodbye to film forever and now uses high quality digital cameras exclusively.
Lise Christoffersen was educated in her native Denmark and holds a degree in Trade and Commerce from the Holbęk Business College. She attended Continuing Education Seminars on international marketing offered by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and completed the Queen's Marketing Program at the Queen's School of Business, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada.
Before immigrating to Canada she did print design and layout in an architectural firm in Copenhagen.
In 1975 she joined the Danish Consulate General in Toronto as an Assistant to the Trade Commissioner, rising to Commercial Officer, Vice Consul and Deputy Trade Commissioner and finally to head the office as Consul and Trade Commissioner, a position she held until March 2001, when she became a partner in NOVALynx.
Over the years Lise has secured a foothold in the Canadian marketplace for numerous Danish exporting companies. Her work has involved doing market research and analysis, locating business partners, assisting overseas corporations in establishing branches and subsidiaries, and preparing visiting and meeting programs for Danish delegations to Canada. This has taken her to meetings and conferences in many parts of Canada and Denmark.
Lise has been a speaker at many conferences, especially on the subject of renewable energy. She has prepared sector reports analyzing various industries such as furniture, jewelry and retail chains. Her latest report was published under the title "District Energy in Canada". She has also given interviews on Danish Business Radio and Canadian TV. She has written numerous articles for Canadian and European trade publications.
She is a member of various associations, was President of the International Trade Club of Toronto, and is an honourary member of the Consular Corps Association. Most recently she was the administrator of Women Entrepreneurs of Canada and Chair of the Programming Committee.
The knowledge she has gained working with many business sectors and industries is being put to good use in her career with NOVALynx.

Arnold and Lise at home during preparations for dinner

(Arnold and Lise at home during preparations for dinner, Waterloo, Ontario Canada)