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communications for the internet
Samples of assignments
there is a wealth of experience in our company

arnold matthews consulting inc. has been working in the database
and imaging environment since 1982. Our NOVALynx division is
dedicatedd to online databases, producing Web ready high quality,
fast loading images and the related implementation of graphics
design integrated with live data retrieved from database tables.

clients have included: universal music canada; voice empowerment;
international trade club of toronto; carol priest entertainment;
danish canadian chamber of commerce; bikram yoga toronto; 
exceptional english; moon rain; danish board of district heating;
canadian district energy association; metropolitan toronto police; 
hamilton public library; ge canada; brosz and associates; royal
ontario museum; viewfinders; sunnybrook hospital; ford motors;
j. walter thompson
universal music canada
Universal Music secret site information

NOVALynx is working on several large projects for Universal Music Canada, creating the back end management tools for a variety of their sites. All of our projects reside on their large server "farm" in Los Angeles.

NOVALynx has developed the online database programming that runs the "secret" Matthew Good website. The site is made available to people who buy his latest CD "Avalanche". When the owner places the CD in his/her computer, a screen pops up that will make an encrypted connection to the site. Entering the unique membership number from the card packaged with the CD gives the owner exclusive access to many extra features such as extra audio tracks, videos, slide shows, and messages from the artist himself.

For the Matt Good site we have created 1/4 million unique membership numbers that have been printed on the cards distributed with the CD's. The numbers are matched with the corresponding numbers in a database to make sure they are genuine.

The site went live on March 4, 2003, and the next day was very exciting with people registering as members at a rate of 200 to 300 per hour and the album going gold by the following Friday. Within a month there were over 12,000 members and there are now over 40 countries represented.

We have just started a project to develop and implement a "secret" website for another very special Canadian artist and writer, Jann Arden, whose new CD is to be released early in September 2003.

At the same time, we are developing databases and programming for the Universal Music Canada's main website where news pages in French and English will be maintainable by staff needing no knowledge of HTML. The editing program is suited for PC's , MAC's and Linux and may be accessed and operated from any browser.

The above processes are very easy to use. Artists and staff don't need to have any knowledge of web programming in order to edit and maintain text, add and resize images, and put in links. Once they have entered the date they want a news item, audio tracks, etc., to be posted on the website and the date they want it to expire or to be archived, NOVALynx programming looks after the rest.

Universal Music is the largest music company in the world. The company produces, manufactures, markets, sells, and distributes recorded music and represents artists from Canada and around the world. Universal Music is a subsidiary of Vivendi Universal, a leading global media and communications company for the digital age, with five communications units including TV and Film, Publishing, Music, Internet and Telecoms, and Environment.

"Amazing! NOVALynx met and far exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail, quality of work and most importantly the ease of working with them made the entire experience a pleasure. The final result of our project with NOVALynx was met with accolades - both within Universal Music and from our customers. I look forward to starting our next major IT driven project with NOVALynx."
Pete Watson, Senior Manager, New Media, Universal Music Canada.

voice empowerment
Link to voice empowerment

Once again NOVALynx has teamed up with graphic artist Jean-Marc Guillmette of InkLight and implemented his beautiful and simple design.

This is our first venture into moving away from tables, single pixel positioning gifs... and returning to the roots of the web where content and presentation are completely separate. The presentation is controlled by cascading style sheets.

Furthermore, the site is W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) compliant.

Voice Empowerment
crafts your voice for more effective presentation.

ITCT - international trade club of toronto
Link to International Trade Club of Toronto

This site, still under development, demonstrates a combination of NOVALynx's photographic and implementation skills. More photos will be added to the pages as the site develops.

ITCT - International Trade Club of Toronto's professional and national diversity is unique and reflects Toronto's heritage as a cultural and commercial meeting place.

"Magic! This is excellent--you deserve a medal." Bill Germyn, President, ITCT

DCCC - Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Link to Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce promotes business between Denmark and Canada.

Also in this case, the graphics were designed by InkLight and implemented by NOVALynx. The site uses the NOVALynx live events calendar. DCCC staff, with the appropriate password, can update or modify the calendar on-line in a few minutes. No programmer or programming is necessary to make the changes.

Prospective members can apply and later update their information themselves on-line. All data is stored in a secure database for review by DCCC management. Any additions or changes made by members are also automatically emailed to the executive.

Bikram Yoga Toronto
Link to Bikram Yoga Toronto

This is a website for the Bikram Yoga Toronto studio located at Yonge and Merton streets in Toronto.

The site has a real-time database showing information about class schedules, special events, etc. No programmer is required, as in-house administrators may easily update the information on their website in a matter of minutes from any Internet connected computer anywhere in the world.

The graphics were designed by InkLight and implemented by NOVALynx.

Exceptional English
Link to Exceptional English

NOVALynx has developed a large application that manages the submission of documents from clients around the world over secure (128 bit) connections. Any type of document may be securely uploaded into a database and is only available to the client, the senior administrator and the assigned editor. Credit card information is never revealed to anyone but the bank. No cookies are used to keep track of visitors as they move from page to page.

Approximately 80% of the website consists of password protected, comprehensive facilities to manage the work of administrators, editors and finances behind the scenes. Clients are notified when work is completed.

Graphics design by Cindy Scarborough.

Exceptional English is an international editing company. Its services are designed for non-native English language speakers who want to reach a target audience with outstanding English. Experienced editors come from a variety of professional backgrounds including business, government, education, science, and the liberal arts.

"Before I was referred to NOVALynx, I contacted more than 50 companies and I could not find a single programmer who was willing to take a real interest in our project and create a website to fulfill my vision... I cannot adequately express the respect and admiration that I have for Arnold and Lise. The quality of their work is unsurpassed and their attitude toward their business and, more importantly their customers, has to be experienced to be believed..." Leonard Digout, President.

Moon Rain - Spiritual weaver
Link to Moon Rain - Spiritual weaver

Thoma Ewen is a spiritual weaver with a studio on a large tract of land in the Gatineau Hills, Quebec. This is an ongoing project for NOVALynx, showing the wealth of beautiful works Ms. Ewen has created.

"...to share the beauty and mystery of WEAVE..." Thoma Ewen.

DBDH - Danishi Board of District Heating
View photograph of Danish delegation at the Cliff Street heating plant in Ottawa

This project came about on the basis of Lise's year long survey and analysis of the Canadian district energy sector in her former capacity of Danish Trade Commissioner. She was engaged to prepare and execute a presentation on the Canadian District Energy situation to members of the Danish Board of District Heating, at a membership meeting in Denmark.

As a result, Lise was contracted to coordinate the Danish delegation's participation in the Canadian District Energy Conference in Ottawa. At the same time she prepared visits to various Canadian plants by the delegation, prior to the conference.

Arnold was photographer for the Danish Board of District Heating during their visit to Canada.

"Lise did all the coordinating for the tour, which was extremely successful, not even the smallest detail had been overlooked by Lise in her planning of a very interesting and varied program...
...Back home again, it is wonderful to watch all the pictures and once again be in Canada." Pia Lorup, DBDH Secretariat.

CDEA - Canadian District Energy Assoication
View CDEA conference photograph from April 2002 View April 2002 CDEA conference photograph

Arnold acted as official photographer for the Canadian District Energy Association Conference in Ottawa, April 2002.

Case File! - Major crime case management
Case File! Case Command Centre screen

Case File! was written to manage homicide, sexual assault and fraud investigations. The major crime units of approximately 60 police forces now use the program. It begins collecting data the instant a call comes in for a major crime. It tracks all witnesses, suspects, every word of all statements and the evidence. It is used throughout the case and may be brought into the courtroom to rapidly retrieve data from thousands of pages of evidence and testimony.

It is currently used by Regional Police in Metropolitan Toronto, Durham, York, Peel, Halton, Hamilton-Wentworth, Niagara, Barrie, Windsor, and by the Ontario Ministry of The Attorney General, Special Investigations Unit Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General, Ontario Ministry of Health Investigations Unit, Port Elgin Police Service, Parks Canada - Calgary and Jasper, R.C.M.P. Missing Persons Registry, New Westminster BC Police Service, District Attorney's Office of Shreveport, Louisiana, etc...

"In order to write the program it was necessary for Mr. Matthews to grasp complex investigative and legal procedures used by our force and the judiciary...The quality of the software went far beyond our expectations and was immediately utilized by the field investigators...I found him to be a dedicated, responsible individual and a consummate professional" Neale Tweedy A/S/Inspector Homicide Squad, Metro Toronto Police Service.

Note:  The programs below were developed for in-house networks and details cannot be disclosed.
SkillSource - Hamilton Public Library

SkillSource was a database developed for the Hamilton Public Library system working with the Ontario Training Corporation to put all the information about training courses in the Hamilton area into one searchable database. It was distributed to over 50 local organizations and was a successful, award-winning project.

"His programs quite simply do the job; they reveal thoroughness and a commitment to continuous quality improvement...He demonstrates a clear sense of the ethics of customer service and value for money...I can say without hesitation that Mr. Matthews performance as a programmer has been an essential component of the success of the SkillSource project." Wendy Newman, Area Manager, Hamilton Public Library.

GE Canada - Patents and licensing

This large project involved conversion of a slow and labour intensive paper tracking system for Canadian, US and foreign patents into a computerized database system that could rapidly search and retrieve information on all patents in the GE offices in Canada. Its data entry system collected all the information for new patents.

This was one of our older projects and since the time of its development, GE Canada no longer has a Patents Department in Canada.

"The program has been in constant use in Patents and Licensing Services (PALS) of GE Canada...it contains all the pertinent information on each patent case with which we must deal. I cannot overstress the importance of this program to the PALS operation...it seems relatively immune to corruption problems we have experienced with other software programs." Edward H. Oldham, Manager, Patents and Licensing Services, GE Canada, January 11, 1994.

Rogers and Rogers Cantel

We have done many projects for Cantel and Rogers Cantel:

CNEC (Cantel Network Equipment Catalogue) used across Canada to rapidly extract data for creating orders from a large catalogue of company approved products.

Cantel Marketing: program to convert mainframe account information for all corporate cellular phones in Canada into a microcomputer database accessible at all locations in Canada.

Cantel Engineering: This project goes back to the early days of Cantel in the late 80's. This system was used to maintain, track and produce detailed reports on all engineering purchase orders and related invoices for the development of their cellular network in Canada.

"The delivery of the electronic catalogue by Mr. Matthews was well received in addition to being on time and under budget...the success of the project was largely due to the commitment, quality of work, and responsiveness that Mr. Matthews provided." John S. Hooey, Manager, Service Deployment, Cantel."

Brosz and Associated - International forensic engineers

This database program tracks all engineering projects of the company. It contain all expenses, status of work and progress payment, legal relationships, reliability of clients, etc.

It started as a rescue mission. The original programmer had vanished when the programming terrain became too rough. The program was completely rewritten and merged with the remnants of the original program which were gradually phased out.

"This system is the best we have had to date...He has shown creativeness in working to our criteria and requirements for a database system". Tracy Colley, Office Manager, Brosz and Associates, International Forensic Engineers.

ROM - Royal Ontario Museum

We have developed many programs for the Royal Ontario Museum over the years:

Library program to track all orders and expenditures.

Program to keep track of human resources data.

Mail management program to handle large mailings.

"...He is extremely proficient, having a breadth of problem-solving solutions under his belt, so to speak, and he is a great diagnostician in situations never before encountered. Staff whom he works with praise both his patience and speed." Julia Matthews, Head, Library and Archives, Royal Ontario Museum.

Viewfinders - Marketing research services

As the size of the database used by View Finders grew to contain thousands of detailed records, the speed of retrieval for a single search dropped from seconds to several minutes. We rewrote much of the application so that the speed of retrieval for queries on our client's network was reduced to a second or two.

"I found him to be very professional, dedicated and detail oriented in all of his work. He did an excellent job...exceeded my expectations by making the impossible a reality on a limited budget...I applaud a job well done" Loriann Frenette, President, View Finders, Marketing Research Services.

Sunnybrook Hospital - Cardiology

Program developed for the cardiac catheterization laboratory. It maintains all the data recorded for thousands of patients and automatically does complex calculations from the data entered for rapid assessment and interpretation.

Ford - Ford Motors Electronics Division

We developed a computer program to track progress of engineering projects in the electronics division of Ford Motors. It was written using a very detailed and comprehensive set of specifications. Unfortunately, we did not have the pleasure of interacting and working with end users the way we prefer to do.

JWT - J. Walter Thompson

This was the first major database project done by Arnold Matthews Consulting Inc. It had been a project that was not progressing well. Arnold Matthews was called in to review and rewrite the program, and within a month results began to show. The program gathered statistical information on editorial content on individual companies, from television, radio, magazines and newspapers. The results were used to put a dollar value on the editorial content.

Web implementation:   NOVALynx       Graphics:   inklight