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Website Development
  Let us build your website from the very beginning and take you step by step to a sophisticated result. We quote each step separately in tandem with your needs and budget. Along with our expertise in real-time information and data management, we work with highly accomplished and experienced graphics and animation associates.
  Through highly protected password access, we let you manage your data using 128 bit secure connections, from any browser anywhere in the world. We custom build your database to totally suit the needs of your business. Best of all, you will not have to upgrade your computer equipment to implement our solutions, since all the databases and computer programming reside on a secure web server.
  We create the applications and databases you need for your e-business. And we have experience developing highly secure credit card transactions that send your customers' credit card information directly to his or her bank using 128 bit encryption. The information is never seen by anyone but the bank.

Are you tired of trying to manage hundreds of emails produced by one of your web forms or queries? From the form on the web page, NOVALynx can place all this information directly into database tables where you can instantly organize it, sort it and extract it in any way you wish. And only those you choose can see this information.

Are you waiting for your programmer to update your concert and performance schedules, sales, sports or social events? Do it yourself in minutes! Our customized online calendars are easy for everyone to use. Administrators with passwords can modify and/or approve the information. No programming required!


NOVALynx uses the most advanced programming language and techniques in open source software (PHP scripting language for programming, Apache for the Web server, and MySQL for databases.) Apache servers, considered as the most secure and reliable, run more than 66% of the world's websites.

The method we use is called the "silent killer" by Microsoft, because it is the fastest growing alternative to Active Server Pages.


Once your website is up and running, NOVALynx can help you connect with search engines that will give you a high profile on the Net. At the same time, we can help you identify markets and target groups for your products or services. Let us help you develop your sales pitch and get it in the hands of your future customers. We can also assist you in preparing your regular newsletters to existing and potential customers and clients.


We build your database so that you yourself can select and place the images for your events, catalogues, programs, etc., directly with the relevant text. Once you upload these images using the very simple approaches NOVALynx has developed, the images will immediately appear on your website.

We have extensive photographic experience. We can enhance your images to look superb on the Internet. And we specialize in minimizing the size of the files for quick loading.


Let NOVALynx help you articulate your web related needs during a free consultation. Depending on your location on the planet, we will visit you, phone you, email you or talk to you computer to computer. But you have to take the initiative and contact us first to find out how we can work together.


  •   17 years of experience in the development of custom database applications
  •   22 years of sales and marketing experience
  •   14 years of professional photographic experience

    T:  519.884.5422

    Send email to lisec@novalynx.ca

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