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NOVALYNX CA about novalynx
Arnold Matthews Consulting Inc. was incorporated 25 years ago as a photographic enterprise serving the professional arts communities.
In the early 1980's the company began switching to computer consulting and teaching courses in computer programming.  At that time, the computer world was not yet ready for complex digital images.
Until 2000 the consulting was almost exclusively database oriented with applications running on everything from single computers to large networks. However, that has changed, and today the company blends database applications, digital imaging and marketing planning with a host of other web related services.
The focus and the thrust are directed towards web based applications, with powerful database programming residing on web servers or on intranet servers. With Lise Christoffersen joining the company, we are now ready to offer total web solutions.

The NOVALynx Site

The NOVALynx site is constantly changing to reflect the ongoing development in web enabled applications and changes in computer imaging technologies.
There will be sample applications of various types to illustrate how the power of the web allows applications to be run with a simple browser from anywhere on the planet on any platform (Linux, PC, Mac) that can run a browser.

   LAMP site (powered by Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)

Novalynx has now closed it business and the principals have
retired. The website is only maintained as our place to play

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