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Websites we are currently building
Exceptional English Website

This is a website we developed for one of our clients in the Middle East. Their services are designed for non-native English language speakers who want to reach their target audience with Exceptional English.

This website runs using live databases developed by NOVALynx. The clients can submit documents and interact with the editor's progress using high security links to their web browsers.

Teams of editors with various areas of expertise will be able to work on the documents from anywhere in the world.


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Tapestries by Thoma Ewen, Quebec Canada
Tapestries by Thoma Ewen, Quebec Canada
    This is just the beginning of the website NOVALynx is designing for a wonderful weaver who lives and works in the Gatineau Hills North of Ottawa in the province of Quebec.    
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bikram yoga toronto           
  bikram yoga toronto
    Bikram has studied and developed his understanding of Yoga to the point of formulating what many believe to be the best beginner yoga series available. Nothing about Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class is haphazard. The yoga room is heated to a high temperature (100-105 degrees Fahrenheit/38-41 degrees Celsius) so that there is the least chance of injury or overstretching, as well as facilitating a detoxifying, cleansing process through sweating.    
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Interesting or Useful Links
    FastWebServer Canadian Web Hosting    
    Another excellent Canadian web hosting service that NOVALynx uses for it clients. They have been especially good at continually raising the standards of their service and adding new features for our PHP programming language as they become available. In our efforts to reduce costs for our clients, their hosting prices are hard to beat.    
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InternetSecure - Internet credit card processing

Operating in 84 countries, InternetSecure is one of the world's premiere credit card processors. InternetSecure is the only Canadian processor that provides merchant status for all popular credit cards. At NOVALynx we are using this service for our clients.

InternetSecure's proprietary fraud detection software allows NOVALynx's clients to enjoy the lowest chargeback rates in the industry.

InternetSecure's ability to handle all web programming languages and the company's excellent documentation meant that our programmers connected correctly the very first time we tested the InternetSecure system.

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Jakob Nielsen

An important voice to consider

in the fight for Web Simplicity!

Nielsen Web Site

His book: Designing Web Usability:
The Practice of Simplicity
"knows more about what makes Web sites work than anyone else on the planet" (Chicago Tribune)

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Arts and Letters Daily

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Terrible Web Pages
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Google search engine

One of our favourite search engine - extremely fast and very intelligent
They have now developed an image search engine that you can get to directly from their main page.
Uses thousands of networked PC's in a system developed by two people at Stanford University

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alltheweb search enginealltheweb search engine
Another of our favourite search engines - very good and very fast!

Canada Post Postal Codes

Canada 411 Phone Directory
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