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Photographs: Places, scenery, etc.

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Georgian Bay Sand
Georgian Bay Sand
Toronto island on a brutally hot, humid, hazy summer day
Hockley Valley Ice Storm
Log Cabin on Farm
Ben waiting at the door
Staircase during building demolition
Remains of poster on construction site fence
Alison and Colin and finger paint
Fish display, Paris, France - Le Bon Marché
Billboard on Yonge Street, Toronto
Frost on windows series
Frost on bedroom window, Toronto
Figure on the roof
Birds at the Toronto waterfront
Ben waiting at the door
Soldier on guard in Athens, Greece
Hampstead Heath, London, England
Scotland scene
Frost gnomes on window, Waterloo
Frost on window in Waterloo
Stormy day on Geogian Bay
Along the shore on Georgian Bay
Dusk on Geogian Bay

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